Phato Zone Corbett: Safari, Timings, Prices, Entry gate, Attractions & FAQ.

Uttarakhand has the amazing Jim Corbett National Park, with a beautiful Phato Zone that goes beyond the usual idea of beauty. This destination offers a unique and captivating experience for those who want a break from the ordinary life and a connection with the natural world.

tiger in Phato Zone Corbett

Going on a trip to enjoy nature is a special and enriching experience. In today’s world, where travel options are increasing and new beautiful places are being discovered every day, it’s important to choose destinations away from busy cities. People want to explore and enjoy nature, and now, even experiences that used to be expensive are more affordable.

Instead of dealing with the complications of buying air tickets and making travel plans, travelers can use their money for the experiences they’ll have at their chosen destinations like Jim Corbett National Park.

Entry Gate of Phato Zone

The Phato Zone in the Terai West Forest Division officially started in January 2022, making it a significant addition to the ecotourism options in Jim Corbett National Park. Before this, there were seven gates allowing visitors to go on day safaris in the park. Now, a new gate has been opened specifically for Jungle Safaris in the Phato Tourism Zone, giving more choices to tourists. The Forest Department managed the opening of this gate.

The Phato Zone in Jim Corbett is now the eighth tourism zone operating from Ramnagar. This new gate not only grants access to Corbett Park and Sitabani Tiger Reserve but also offers an extra opportunity for Jungle Safaris.

The entry gate of this zone located in Mohan Nagar Gujar Jhala of Maldhan, just 24 kilometers from Ramnagar. Tourists can enjoy exciting safaris within an 18-kilometer stretch of the forest from this entrance. The Photo Gate allows 100 jeeps every day, with 50 jeeps allowed in the morning and another 50 in the afternoon. The zone includes new features like pathways, a fresh range, unique treehouses, scenic viewpoints, and encounters with elephants.

Initially, Phato Gate is exclusively open for Jungle Safaris, providing day safaris for visitors. However, there are plans for future developments, focusing on offering a distinctive night stay experience. Tourists will have the chance to stay in tree houses, and currently, five such structures have already been completed.

Safari Timings and Price

The timings for safaris in this Zone can also be divided into two parts: morning and evening. Each day, 100 Jeeps are allowed to enter the zone, and the timings may vary based on the season, i.e., winter and summer.

Winter timings
Safari TypesEntry TimeExit Time
Morning Safari07:00AM10:00AM
Evening Safari02:00PM05:30PM
Summer timings
Safari TypesEntry TimeExit Time
Morning Safari06:00AM09:30AM
Evening Safari03:00PM06:30PM

As far as the cost of Jeep Safari in the Phato Zone is concerned, it can range from ₹5500 to ₹6500. If you are interested in knowing the individual cost, you can divide the given cost by 6. Since these rates are per jeep, and a jeep can accommodate 6 adults and 2 children, the individual cost would range from ₹900 to ₹1100.

Quick Facts about Phato Zone

  • Zone Entry Gate: Phato Gate
  • Safari Zone Name : Phato Ecotourism Zone
  • Operational Period : Throughout the year
  • Night Stay: Allowed from 15th Nov to 15th June.
  • Safari Timings : Morning and Evening
  • Maxium Number of Jeep Allowed: 50 in Morning and 50 in Evening

Nearby Attractions

As the Phato Zone entry gate is 23 KM away from Ramnagar, the nearby attractions would be the same as those for Dhikala Zone, Bijrani Zone, Dhela Zone, and Durga Devi Zone. These attractions are listed below.

Garjiya Devi Temple (36 KM): The Garjiya Devi Temple is located 36 kilometers away. It’s a special place known for its importance in spirituality and its rich mythological significance.

Kosi River (26 KM): The calm Kosi River is found 26 kilometers from the Phato Zone entry gate. It’s a peaceful spot with lovely views, perfect for a relaxing time.

Dhangarhi Museum (40 KM): Explore the Corbett’s history by visiting the Dhangarhi Museum, which is 40 kilometers away. This museum keeps and displays things from the past, helping us understands the Corbett’s heritage.

Shri Hanuman Dham (29 KM): Shri Hanuman Dham is 29 kilometers away and is a special place for people who follow Lord Hanuman. Many people visit this temple for its spiritual atmosphere.

Sitabani Temple (46 KM): Sitabani Temple is 46 kilometers away from the entry gate. This temple has a lot of stories from history and mythology. It’s surrounded by nature, providing a peaceful space for thinking and praying.

How to reach Phato Zone :

Entry Gate Address – Mohan Nagar Gujar Jhala, Maldhan, Aampokhra Range, Uttarakhand 244716 India.

Latitude – 29.3339° N, Longitude – 78.9769° E

The entry gate of this zone, called Phato Gate, is just 23 KM away from Ramnagar. Hence, you first need to reach the city of Corbett, Ramnagar, which is well-connected by rail and bus transportation. The nearest airport is Pant Nagar Airport, approximately 105 km from the entry gate of Phato.

FAQ about Phato Zone Corbett

  1. What is Phato Zone in Jim Corbett National Park?

    Phato Zone, located in the Terai West Forest Division, was inaugurated in January 2022. As the tenth tourism zone operating from Ramnagar, it introduces a new dimension to ecotourism in Jim Corbett National Park, offering unique experiences in the lap of nature.

  2. How can I reach to Zone?

    The entry gate, Phato Gate, is conveniently situated 23 KM away from Ramnagar. To reach Ramnagar, a well-connected city with rail and bus transportation, is the initial step. The nearest airport is Pant Nagar Airport, approximately 105 KM from the Phato entry gate.

  3. What are the Safari Timings in the Zone?

    This Zone offers morning and evening safaris throughout the year. The timings may vary based on the season, with specific schedules for winter and summer.
    Winter Timings:
    Morning Safari: 07:00 AM – 10:00 AM
    Evening Safari: 02:00 PM – 05:30 PM
    Summer Timings:
    Morning Safari: 06:00 AM – 09:30 AM
    Evening Safari: 03:00 PM – 06:30 PM

  4. What is the Cost of Jeep Safari in the Zone?

    The cost of Jeep Safari in Phato Zone ranges from ₹5500 to ₹6500 per jeep. If you are interested in individual costs, it can be calculated by dividing the total jeep cost by 6, as a jeep accommodates 6 adults and 2 children.

  5. Are Night Stays Allowed inside the Zone?

    Night stays are allowed in Phato Zone, specifically from 15th Nov to 15th June, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to experience the wilderness after dark.

  6. What are the Nearby Attractions?

    As the Phato Zone entry gate is 23 KM away from Ramnagar, several attractions await nearby, including Garjiya Devi Temple, Kosi River, Dhangarhi Museum, Shri Hanuman Dham, and Sitabani Temple. Each attraction offers a distinct experience, combining spirituality, history, and natural beauty.

  7. What is Unique About this new Zone?

    Phato Zone introduces new features such as pathways, a fresh range, unique tree houses, scenic viewpoints, and encounters with elephants. The zone is exclusively open for Jungle Safaris, with plans for future developments, including a distinctive night stay experience in tree houses.

  8. How Many Jeeps are allowed in the Zone Daily?

    This Zone accommodates a total of 100 jeeps daily, with 50 allowed in the morning and another 50 in the afternoon.

  9. Is this Zone Open Throughout the Year?

    Yes, The Zone is operational throughout the year, offering visitors the flexibility to explore its diverse flora and fauna in every season.

  10. Can I Visit Phato Zone Without Prior Booking?

    To enjoy the safari experience in Phato Zone, it is advisable to book Jeep Safaris in advance through the official channels to ensure availability and a smooth entry process.

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