Garjia Zone in Corbett: Safari, Timings, Prices, Season to Visit, Attractions, FAQ.

Garjia Zone is a really popular spot in the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve. It’s known for having a lot of different plants and animals. Many tourists like it a lot, and it’s often compared to the Dhikala zone because people have different preferences when choosing where to visit.

Garjia Zone Corbett

Garjia Ecotourism Zone is known for its beautiful scenery, creating a peaceful and calm atmosphere. Everyone who visits appreciates the beauty of this place. It’s famous for having a lot of tigers. The landscape in Garjia is a mix of dense Sal forests and wide grasslands, making it diverse and interesting.

Safari in Garjia Ecotourism Zone

Garjia Safari Zone in Corbett National Park is a well-known tourist spot. It’s not far from Ramnagar and has many resorts for visitors. This zone is famous for having lots of tigers, giving visitors a great chance to see them up close.

The Amdanda Gate is the way into this zone, which has different areas like buffer, tourism, and core. You can go on a safari in the morning or evening, but only in the buffer and tourism parts, not in the core areas. They limit the number of vehicles on a specific path during each safari so that the wildlife habitat isn’t disturbed too much.

For a more extensive wildlife experience in Corbett Park, you have the option to indulge in a full-day Jeep safari. The Garjia and Malani Forest Rest Houses provide excellent accommodation choices within the Garjia zone, ensuring a comfortable stay. The visiting hours for both morning and evening slots are as follows, provide specific visiting hours.

Timings for Jungle Safari in Garjia Zone

DateMorningMorning Last EntryMorning Last ExitEveningEvening last EntryEvening last exit
October 1st to November 14th06:30 AM08:00 AM10:30 AM02:00 PM03:30 PM06:00 PM
November 15th to February 15th06:30 AM08:00 AM10:30 AM01:30 PM03:00 PM05:30 PM
February 16th to April 15th06:15 AM07:30 AM10:15 AM02:00 PM03:30 PM06:00 PM
April 16th Onwards05:45 AM07:15 AM09:45 AM03:00 PM04:30 PM07:00 PM

Prices of Jeep Safari at this zone

A jeep can accommodate 6 adults and two children, and the per-jeep cost can range from ₹6500 to ₹7500. If you are a group of 6 people, 12 people, or more, you can divide the per-jeep cost by 6. This would be approximately ₹1000 to ₹1300 per individual, including of all the costs i.e. Jeep, guide fees, and entry fees etc.

Best time to visit

The Garjia Day Safari Zone in Corbett Tiger Reserve is open for visitors from 15th October to 30th June, making it the best time to explore. It stays closed from July to 14th October due to possible mishaps during the monsoon. However, night stays in Garjia Ecotourism Zones are allowed from 15th November to 14th June.

Attractions inside the zone

In this zone, you’ll find several grasslands known as chaurs. Here are a few of them:

  1. Machaan Chaur: A beautiful open area near Garjia with lovely scenery and a chance to see wildlife.
  2. Badhai Chaur: Another attractive grassy area near Garjia, creating a peaceful and natural atmosphere.
  3. Ringora Chaur: A captivating grassland close to Garjia, adding to the overall charm of the surrounding forests.

Nearby Attractions:

Garjiya Devi Temple – It is the most famous attraction nearby this ecotourism zone. The Garjiya Devi Temple has a history and mythological significance, which is the reason this temple is famous among locals as well as visitors.

Dhangarhi Museum : This museum is just 9 KM away from the place called Garjia. Dhangarhi Museum has lots of things related to the jungle. It also has the skeleton of a dangerous animal, which you can see in the museum.

Kosi River: The Kosi River is another attraction nearest to Garjia Zone. Here, you can enjoy elephant riding and fishing. It is also a good place to observe birds on the riverbank.

How to reach Garjia Ecotourism Zone:

Entry Gate Address – Amdanda Gate, NH -121, Ramnagar, Nainital – 244715, Uttarakhand, India

Latitude – 29.3948° N, Longitude – 79.1265° E

The entry gate of the Garjia Zone is just 2 km away from Ramnagar, and it is the same gate where visitors can enter into the Bijrani Zone. So, if you want to reach here, Ramnagar is well connected by bus transportation and rail transportation. The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport, but if you are from outside India, then Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi would be the nearest to reach here.

FAQs about Garjia Zone

Rich biodiversity and wildlife.

Through Morning and evening Jeep safaris.

Yes, for extensive wildlife experience.

Varies by season, check  given schedule.

₹6500 to ₹7500 per Jeep, group rates available.

15th Oct to 30th Jun, night stays from 15th Nov to 14th Jun.

Picturesque grasslands (chaurs).

Garjiya Devi Temple, Dhangarhi Museum, Kosi River.

Amdanda Gate, 2 km from Ramnagar, well-connected by bus and rail. Nearest airport: Pantnagar or Indira Gandhi International Airport (for international travelers).

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