Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett (Timings, Prices, Zones, Entry rules & FAQ)

Jeep safari in Jim Corbett is a popular activity that takes place within the Corbett region. For an adventurous and memorable experience in Jim Corbett National Park, a jeep is considered one of the best vehicles. Capable of accommodating up to 6 people, a jeep safari is perfect for small groups like families, friends, or colleagues. If you’re a group of 6, opting for a Jeep Safari is an excellent choice to explore the wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park.

Jeep Safari

Jeep safaris offer distinct advantages, especially during tiger sightings and photo opportunities in the jungle. The optimal time for enjoying a jungle jeep safari in Jim Corbett National Park is between November and June. It’s worth noting that Jeep safaris are available throughout the year, although during the monsoon season, Bijrani & Dhikala zones are closed due to road conditions affected by heavy rainfall.

Best Zones for Exciting Jeep Safaris in Corbett

Visitors have the option to conveniently book Jeep Safaris online for seven different zones of the park, including Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhikala, Dhela, Corbett Landscape (Sitabani), Durgadevi, and the newly added Phato zone. The entire process of Jeep Safari booking at Corbett is overseen by government forest officials in accordance with the guidelines of India’s forest department.

It’s important to note that we do not have control over the safari zone, the assigned driver, or the naturalist guide, as these aspects are solely determined by the forest officials and not within our influence.

Explore Wildlife with Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Corbett Park

All the zones in Corbett National Park boast a thriving population of tigers, and wildlife sightings are consistently reported across these areas. To manage these aspects efficiently, an automated computerized system is in place, ensuring the fair distribution of safari vehicles in each zone. Jeep safari offers both a speedy and relaxed way to explore the area.

For those planning an adventurous holiday in the Himalayan region, Corbett National Park stands out as the ideal destination, with jeep safari being the preferred choice. This mode of exploration allows tourists to easily spot the diverse and elusive wildlife. Accompanied by a certified and specialized environmentalist, tourists can relax and immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of Corbett National Park while discovering its rich flora and fauna through the jeep safari experience.

If you’re someone who wants to truly experience the wild beauty of a national park, staying at a Forest Rest House (FRH) inside the park is the perfect choice. Imagine being surrounded by the sounds of various animals in the dark forest – it’s an unparalleled feeling of joy mixed with a bit of fear. As you shine your torch around, you might catch the glow of many eyes just beyond the electrical fencing of the Rest House. Deer, Wild Boars, and sometimes even Tigers can be spotted and heard near the fencing.

Why Should You Choose a Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett?

  • Online Corbett Booking: Seamless Four-Wheel Drive Open Jeep Safaris available through Online Corbett Booking.
  • Diverse Zones: Exploration of the BIJRANI all day visit zones within the expansive Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Unique Wildlife Experience: Promise of a distinctive opportunity to witness thriving wildlife and avi fauna in their natural habitat.
  • Eco-Friendly Fleet: State-of-the-art Gypsies equipped with operational 4 Wheel Drive, complying with Corbett National Park’s pollution norms for a smooth and eco-friendly ride.
  • Tailored Off-Road Vehicles: Specially designed open-top off-road vehicles suitable for Corbett’s rugged terrain.
  • Professional Team: Accompanied by professional and experienced wildlife-trained drivers and knowledgeable Park Nature Guides.
  • Educational Safari Experience: Guides stay updated on day-to-day wildlife movements, ensuring an educational and enriching safari experience.
  • Encouragement for Open-Minded Exploration: Encouragement for visitors to approach Jeep safaris with an open mind, cherishing every moment.
  • Diverse Safari Options: Corbett National Park offers a range of safari options, including nature safaris for bird watching and immersing in natural wonders.
  • Tiger Spotting Opportunities: Jeep safari through Corbett’s jungles increases chances of spotting tigers.
  • Adventure Beyond Jeep Safaris: Additional adventure options, including unforgettable Elephant safaris.
  • Tourism Management Convenience: Intelligent division of Corbett Tiger Reserve into seven distinctive tourism zones, each with a separate entry gate for enhanced visitor convenience.

Jeep Safari rules in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is a special place, and to enter its core tiger territory, you need official permission. There are two types of permits issued by the government to enter any safari zone.

Day Visit Permit: For jeep/canter safaris.

Night Stay Permit: For staying inside the Government forest lodges.

Both Indian nationals and foreigners need day visit permits to enter any tourism zone in Corbett National Park. If you plan to stay inside the park, you must obtain a night stay permit issued by government officials.

ID Proof:

Carry the same ID proof submitted during the booking process when visiting Corbett National Park. This could be your DL Number, PAN Card Number, Voter ID, Passport Number (for foreigners), etc.

Pick-up & Drop Points:

Safari pick-up and drop-off points are in Ramnagar city, but arrangements can be made from any Hotel/Resort for an extra cost depending on its location.

Non-Refundable Charges:

Keep in mind that safari charges are non-refundable once the permit is booked and confirmed.

Prices of Jeep Safari at Corbett National Park

  • Price for Indian Visitors: ₹5,500 – ₹7,500 per Jeep (Accommodating up to 6 persons, 2 child)
  • Price for Foreign Visitors: ₹8,500 – ₹11,000 per Jeep (Accommodating up to 6 persons, 2 child)

For groups comprising 12 to 16 individuals, the option of a Canter Safari is available, presenting a cost-effective solution for their wildlife exploration experience.

Jeep Safari Zones in Corbett

Dhikala Zone: Dhikala safari Zone is a big and famous zone in Jim Corbett National Park known for its beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife. It has dense forests and open grasslands where many animals, including majestic tigers, live.

Bijrani safari Zone : Bijrani is a pretty place in the park with lots of different plants and animals. Bijrani safari Zone famous for its colorful birds, making it a great spot for people who enjoy watching birds. The lush greenery and different types of land make Bijrani special.

Jhirna  Safari Zone : Jhirna safari Zone is a calm and peaceful area with a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a good place to escape into nature, with open grassy areas and wooded spots where you can see various deer and small animals.

Durgadevi Safari Zone : This area is known for its beautiful scenery, with hills and riverbanks creating a stunning landscape. Durga Devi safari Zone has different types of land, providing homes for animals on the ground and in the water. It’s perfect for nature lovers who want a mix of adventure and natural beauty.

Dhela Safari Zone: Dhela safari zone is known for its untouched and pure landscapes. It’s a chance to see the unspoiled beauty of Corbett, with a mix of thick forests and open spaces that create a peaceful environment for many types of wildlife.

Phato Safari Zone: It is a less-explored area in Corbett National Park, offering a quieter and more secluded experience.  Phato safari zone is a new area in corbett, giving visitors a special opportunity to connect with the raw beauty of the park.

Garjia  Safari Zone: Garjia Safari Zone is known for its unique features, including the Garjia Devi Temple by the Kosi River. This area combines cultural and natural aspects, making it interesting for those who want to explore religious sites and the diverse ecosystems of Corbett National Park.

2. Jeep Safari Timings in Corbett:

Although the Jeep safari timings in Corbett can vary based on specific factors, CTR officials have decided below-mentioned time within the most of the zones.

The visiting hours for both morning and evening slots are as follows.

Winter timings

Safari Types

Entry Time

Exit Time

Morning Safari



Evening Safari




Summer timings

Safari Types

Entry Time

Exit Time

Morning Safari



Evening Safari



Inclusions: Entry Fee, Road Tax, Guide Fee, Jeep/Gypsy Charges

Note: Provided rates are subject to change.

Embark on an adventure into the heart of Corbett National Park, where each Jeep Safari promises an immersive experience amidst nature’s wonders. Join us for a memorable journey.

How you can secure your booking in Advance?

To enhance your exploration of the scenic wonders of Jim Corbett National Park and witness its diverse wildlife, it is advisable to secure your Jeep Safari booking in advance. Kindly furnish the following details/documents to facilitate the booking process.

  • Visitor Details: Provide the full name, age, and gender of each visitor, as stated on their identification cards, along with the required confirmatory amount.
  • Travel Preferences: Specify your preferred travel date and whether you prefer a morning or afternoon safari.
  • Identification Information: Include the specific ID card number (Voter ID, Aadhar No, Driving License No, etc.) for each visitor.
  • Advance Payment: Ensure the payment of the safari entry fee is completed in advance.
  • E-Permit Reminder: Keep in mind that E-permits are non-refundable once booked and confirmed.
  • ID Card Confirmation: Carry the same ID card submitted during the online booking process for verification purposes.
  • Advance Notification: Indian nationals are encouraged to provide advance notice at least 30 days before their intended date. For foreign nationals, booking requests can be made up to 90 days in advance.
  • Passport Details (For Foreigners): It’s essential to provide passport details when making reservations for foreign tourists.
  • Booking Basis: Safari permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to availability.

Ensure a smooth booking process by furnishing these necessary details in advance.

Simple Rules for Jeep Safaris in Jim Corbett

Visitor Limits:

The number of vehicles allowed for day visits to all zones is carefully regulated based on scientific calculations of carrying capacity. This ensures a balanced and sustainable experience for everyone.

Gate Timings Awareness:

Be aware of gate timings and make sure to arrive well before the designated time to avoid any inconvenience.

Vehicle Regulations:

Private vehicles are not permitted for tourism purposes within the park. Specially designed vehicles, registered with CTR, are used for this purpose. Day visits to the Dhikala Ecotourism Zone are exclusively allowed through specially designed Canter buses via Ramganga Conducted Tours.

Following a government ban that has been lifted, Jim Corbett now welcomes tourists to indulge in the enriching experience of Elephant Safari. Explore the wilderness with this newfound opportunity at Corbett Park.

FAQ about Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett

You can secure your Jeep Safari booking by providing visitor details, preferred travel date, ID card information, and paying the safari entry fee in advance.

Please furnish the full name, age, and gender of each visitor, along with their ID card details. Additionally, specify your preferred travel date and safari timing.

No, E-permits are non-refundable once booked and confirmed.

Online booking for Jeep Safaris starts 30 days in advance for Indian nationals, and 90 days for foreign nationals, subject to availability

Safari pick-up and drop-off points are in Ramnagar city. However, arrangements can be made from any Hotel/Resort at an extra cost based on its location.

Carry the same ID card submitted during online booking. This could be your DL Number, PAN Card Number, Voter ID, or Passport Number for foreigners.

Private vehicles are not allowed for tourism purposes inside the park. Specially designed vehicles registered with CTR (Corbett Tiger Reserve) are used. Day visits to Dhikala Ecotourism Zone are permitted through Canter buses.

Yes, canteen facilities are available at Dhikala, Bijrani, and Gairal. Other locations are equipped with kitchen facilities for your convenience.

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