Dhikala Zone : Entry Gate, Safari Option, Timings, Price Attractions & FAQ.

Dhikala Zone is the main area in Jim Corbett National Park where you can stay overnight in the jungle. At Jai Bhumia Travels, we have complete tour packages for Dhikala. Our packages include permits for Jeep and Canter Safaris, as well as arrangements for staying at the forest rest houses in Dhikala.

Tiger in Dhikala Zone

It is a very popular place to stay for tourists in the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The wide Dhikala Chaur is often visited by groups of elephants and spotted deer, creating a stunning view. It’s known as one of the best spots in the Tiger Reserve to see the rare Hog Deer.

The Dhikala zone in Corbett National Park is famous for its diverse wildlife, particularly the Royal Bengal Tiger and Asiatic elephants. Visitors often enjoy seeing these majestic animals since the zone has a significant number of them.

Named after the extensive Dhikal grassland, which is the largest in the Corbett Reserve landscape, the area is home to many different kinds of animals, such as hog deer, sambhar deer, leopards, spotted deer, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles, and various other species of animals and reptiles.

Safari in Dhikala Zone

Canter Safari in Jim Corbett national park is a great opportunity for people living outside the Dhikala Zone to see the wildlife in the zone. The Canter is a 16-seater open-air bus that travels from Ramnagar to Dhikala and returns to Ramnagar. Advance reservations are necessary for Canter Safari, and they can be made through the official website of corbett.

In Dhikala zone of Corbett National Park, there are no Jeep safari options available for visitors on a day trip, unlike other zones. Only those tourists who have reserved accommodations in the forest houses within the zone can enjoy Jeep safaris in Dhikala.

After obtaining a permit for a night stay in any Forest Rest House (FRH) within the zone, visitors need to hire a Jeep, along with a driver and a naturist, to enter the park and reach their booked forest house. Once inside the park, visitors have the freedom to explore the jungle, its flora, and fauna throughout the day using the Jeep, within the specified time frame.

Prices and Timings of Canter Safari in this zone

Experience the thrilling Dhikala Canter Safari in Corbett’s wilderness with the following details.


  • ₹ 2500 per Seat (Indian)
  • ₹ 4500 per Seat (Foreigner)

Winter Safari Timings:

  • Morning Safari: Starts at 06:55 AM, ends at 12:00 PM
  • Afternoon Safari: Begins at 12:25 PM, concludes at 05:30 PM

Summer Safari Timings:

  • Morning Safari: Opens at 05:45 AM, closes at 11:00 AM
  • Afternoon Safari: Starts at 11:45 AM, finishes at 05:00 PM

Important Note: Canter Safari within Dhikala Zone operates exclusively from 15th Nov to 15th June each year, with a temporary closure during the monsoon season.

And if we talk about Jeep Safari it is exclusively available for those residing within the zone, and the associated cost ranges from ₹6000 to ₹7000 per jeep.

Entry gate of Dhikala Zone

To get into the Dhikala zone, you’ll use the Dhangari gate, located 18 kilometers from Ramnagar. Once you pass through this gate, you’ll find the Dhikala Tourist Complex, which is about 31 kilometers inside.

Dhikala is open for tourists from November 15th to June 15th, but it’s closed during the monsoon season. At the Dhikala tourist complex, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Ramganga Reservoir and witness crocodiles and gharials sunning themselves along the banks of the Ramganga River.

Fauna & Flora in Dhikala Zone

Dhikala is a well-known area in Jim Corbett National Park where you can discover a variety of plants and animals. Some notable species are as below.


  • Spotted Deer
  • Jackle
  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • Common Kingfisher
  • Asian Pardise Flycatcher
  • Asian Elephant
  • Sambhar Deer


  • Bali Flower
  • Kusum Flower
  • Sal Forest
  • Mahua Flower
  • Bela Flower
  • Grasslands

Staying option inside Dhikala Zone

Dhikala offers a variety of accommodations, including Forest Rest House, Cabins, Hutment, Annexe, and Log Huts with 24 bunk beds. The rooms are well-appointed, providing basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

In addition to the historic FRH building, Dhikala offers a diverse range of accommodations. The complex is self-contained, offering amenities such as restaurants, experienced nature guides, jeep safaris, a well-appointed library, evening movie screenings, and scenic walking tracks.

To secure accommodations at the Forest Rest House (FRH), you may visit the official website of Corbett or contact us directly for assistance.

Attractions inside the zone

There are numerous attractions within the zone, with some of the key highlights listed below.

1. Forest Watchtower:

The watchtower in the Dhikala zone is a special place where you can observe wildlife. It’s strategically located, giving you wide views of the Chaur (grassland) and the entire Ramganga River. From the tower, you can see animals grazing in the fields or walking along the riverbank. The watchtower is close to the Dhikala rest house, making it easy for guests staying there to visit.

2. Gairal Crocodile Point :

Near the Gairal Rest House, there’s a place called Crocodile Point. It’s like a terrace built over a pool where a lot of crocodiles live. You can stand on the terrace and watch the crocodiles and what they’re doing in the pool. It’s pretty amazing to see these powerful water creatures up close.

3. Grass Lands (Chaurs) :

The large grassy areas, known as Chaurs, are crucial in Dhikala for observing a variety of wildlife, such as tigers, elephants, different types of deer, wild pigs, and more. Dhikala is well-known for its vast Chaurs, and visitors often mention frequent tiger sightings in this region.

Attractions nearby entry gate of Dhikala

Explore the captivating attractions surrounding the entry gate of Dhikala.

Dhangarhi Museum (Adjacent to entry gate of Dhikala): Immerse yourself in the forest’s historical heritage showcased at the Dhangarhi Museum, conveniently located adjacent to the Dhikala entry gate.

Garjiya Devi Temple (6KM): Experience spiritual serenity at the Garjiya Devi Temple, situated just 6 kilometers away from the entry gate of Dhikala.

Kosi River (5KM): Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kosi River, located a mere 5 kilometers from the Dhikala entry gate.

Shri Hanuman Dham (26KM): Visit the tranquil Shri Hanuman Dham, positioned 26 kilometers away from the entry gate of Dhikala.

Jim Corbett Museum (47KM): Explore the rich history and legacy of Jim Corbett at the Jim Corbett Museum, situated 47 kilometers from the Dhikala entry gate.

Corbett Waterfalls (45 KM): Delight in the natural beauty of Corbett Waterfalls, located 45 kilometers away from the entry gate of Dhikala.

How to reach Dhikala Zone

Entry Gate Address – Dhangarhi Gate, NH121, Dogadda Range, Uttarakhand – 244715, India

Latitude – 29.4613° N, Longitude – 79.1478° E

The entry gate to Dhikala, known as Dhangarhi, is located along National Highway 121, just 19 kilometers from the city of Ramnagar in Corbett. To reach Dhikala, it is recommended to first travel to Ramnagar. From there, you can choose a Canter Safari to enter the Dhikala Zone.

Transportation Options:

  • Nearest Bus Stand: Ramnagar (19KM)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Ramnagar (21KM)
  • Nearest Airport: Pant Nagar Airport (81KM)

These well-connected transportation options facilitate convenient access to Dhikala, ensuring a seamless travel experience for visitors.

FAQ about Dhikala Zone in Corbett

Dhikala Zone is the primary area in Jim Corbett National Park where visitors can stay overnight in the jungle. It’s renowned for its diverse wildlife and offers a unique opportunity for a wilderness experience.

Jai Bhumia Travels provides complete tour packages for Dhikala, including permits for Jeep and Canter Safaris and accommodations at forest rest houses. You can book these packages by reaching us through our website.

Dhikala Zone is famous for its diverse wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asiatic elephants, spotted deer, hog deer, leopards, langurs, wild boars, crocodiles, and various other animals and reptiles.

No, Dhikala Zone does not offer day Jeep safari options for visitors. Only tourists with reservations at forest houses within the zone can enjoy Jeep safaris. A permit for night stay is required, and visitors need to hire a Jeep for exploration.

Canter Safari in Dhikala is priced at INR 2500 per seat (Indian) and INR 4500 per seat (Foreigner). The safari operates from 15th Nov to 15th June each year with specific morning and afternoon timings. Advance reservations are necessary.

To book a room at the Forest Rest House in Dhikala, you can visit the official website of Corbett or contact Jai Bhumia Travels for assistance.

Dhikala boasts various attractions, including a forest watchtower for wildlife observation, Gairal Crocodile Point, extensive grasslands (Chaurs) for wildlife sightings, and nearby places like Dhangarhi Museum, Garjiya Devi Temple, Kosi River, and more.

The entry gate to Dhikala, Dhangarhi, is located 18 kilometers from Ramnagar. Travelers can reach Ramnagar by bus, train, or air. From Ramnagar, Canter Safari is available to enter the Dhikala Zone.

Dhikala is home to diverse fauna, including spotted deer, jackals, Royal Bengal Tigers, common kingfishers, Asian paradise flycatchers, Asian elephants, and sambhar deer. The flora includes Bali flower, kusum flower, sal forest, mahua flower, bela flower, and grasslands.

Attractions near the Dhikala entry gate include Dhangarhi Museum, Garjiya Devi Temple, Kosi River, Shri Hanuman Dham, Jim Corbett Museum, and Corbett Waterfalls.

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