Corbett Waterfalls (Timings, Entry Fee, Attractions, Location, FAQ)

Corbett Waterfalls is a special place, not too far from Nainital—38 km away, to be exact. It’s also close to Kaladhungi (5 km) and Ramnagar (26 km). People love to visit here, and it’s considered one of the best places near Delhi for a nice getaway.

corbett waterfalls

Imagine a lovely spot surrounded by lots of trees. That’s where Corbett Falls is! The waterfall is like a gentle giant, falling 20 meters down into a calm pool. And guess what? It even sings along with the birds around. Though you can’t take a dip in the waterfall anymore, the whole area is still super pretty. If you’re planning a trip to Nainital, make sure to include a visit to Corbett Falls.

When you’re here, you can do fun things like walking in the forests, watching birds, and taking a stroll in nature. But remember, there aren’t any shops nearby. So, if you’re coming, bring some snacks and water with you.

Entry Fee and Timings of Corbett Waterfalls

CategoryEntry Fee
Four Wheeler entry₹100
Timings8 AM to 5 PM

Corbett Waterfalls is a lovely place to visit, and they only ask for a small fee to get in. For adults, it’s ₹ 50, and kids can go in for just ₹25, which is great for families. If you’re driving a four-wheeler, it’s ₹ 100 to enter.

You can enjoy the falls from 8 AM to 5 PM, giving you plenty of time to explore and have a good time. This way, you have lots of time to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Corbett Waterfalls.

Optimal Time to Visit Corbett Falls:

The best time to plan a visit to Corbett Falls is when you are already planning a trip to the Jim Corbett National Park, especially if you are traveling from a considerable distance. Keep in mind that Corbett Falls is a relatively small location, and the recommended duration for a visit is one to two hours.

It’s advisable to avoid planning a visit during the monsoon season (June-August), as the park remains closed for a significant portion of this period. Therefore, it’s not ideal to visit the falls when the park is inaccessible.

Alternatively, the summer season offers a favorable climate for a visit. The heat is not overwhelming, and the weather remains moderate. Summer temperatures are not as high as those experienced in the capital city of India.

Attractions nearby Corbett Waterfalls:

As mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to include Corbett Falls in your Jim Corbett tour, especially if you’re traveling from a considerable distance. Near Corbett Falls, there are some other attractions which you can explore.

  1. Corbett Museum (5 KM): Take a short 5-kilometer journey to the Corbett Museum. Dive into the fascinating history and stories of Jim Corbett, a passionate wildlife conservationist. Perfect for those who love history, this museum brings the past to life.
  2. Hanuman Dham Choi (10 KM): Head 10 kilometers from Corbett Falls to reach Hanuman Dham Choi, a special place for finding inner peace. Surrounded by calm and beautiful scenery, this sacred spot is ideal for moments of reflection and spiritual connection.
  3. Garjiya Devi Temple (38 KM): Travel 38 kilometers to reach the Garjiya Devi Temple, situated by the Kosi River. This holy site is not just a cultural treasure but also a peaceful retreat where spirituality meets the natural charm of the river. Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of the temple.
  4. Kosi River (28 KM): Just 28 kilometers away, discover the beauty of the Kosi River, enhancing the allure of Corbett Falls. Enjoy the scenic views along the riverbanks, offering opportunities for activities like fishing, river rafting, and quiet riverside walks. The Kosi River brings an extra touch of magic to the nearby attractions.

How to reach Corbett falls

Address – Corbett Falls, Nainital Rd, Nayagaon Julfikar, Barhani Range, Uttarakhand 263140, India

Latitude – 29.2915° N, Longitude – 79.3199° E

Corbett Falls is located at an equal distance from both Ramnagar and Haldwani. You can choose your route based on your preference. If you go through Haldwani from Delhi, you’ll find the nearest bus stand and railway station in Haldwani.

On the other hand, if you take the Ramnagar route, the nearest bus stand and railway station will be in Ramnagar, and Pantnagar will be the closest airport. The Corbett Falls is around 28 kilometers away from both Ramnagar and Haldwani.

FAQ about Corbett Waterfalls

Corbett Waterfalls is located 38 km away from Nainital, close to Kaladhungi (5 km) and Ramnagar (26 km).

Corbett Waterfalls is renowned for its serene ambiance, surrounded by dense trees. The waterfall, descending 20 meters into a tranquil pool, harmonizes with the melody of birds. Although bathing is not allowed, the natural beauty remains captivating.

Visitors can engage in activities such as walking in the forests, bird watching, and nature strolls. However, there are no nearby shops, so it’s advisable to bring your own snacks and water.

The entry fee is as follows:

  • Adults: ₹50
  • Children: ₹25
  • Four-Wheeler Entry: ₹100

Corbett Waterfalls is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, providing ample time for exploration and enjoyment.

The best time to visit is when planning a trip to Jim Corbett National Park, especially for those traveling from a considerable distance. The recommended duration for a visit is one to two hours. It’s advisable to avoid the monsoon season (June-August) due to park closures.

Nearby attractions include:

  • Corbett Museum (5 KM)
  • Hanuman Dham Choi (10 KM)
  • Garjiya Devi Temple (38 KM)
  • Kosi River (28 KM)

The falls are equidistant from both Ramnagar and Haldwani. Travelers can choose the route based on preference. For those coming from Delhi through Haldwani, the nearest bus stand and railway station are in Haldwani. If opting for the Ramnagar route, the nearest facilities are in Ramnagar, with Pantnagar as the closest airport. The distance from both Ramnagar and Haldwani is approximately 28 kilometers.

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