Kosi River in Jim Corbett National Park: Activities, Location, Attractions & FAQ.

The Kosi River runs alongside the Corbett National Park, forming its eastern boundary. Many adventure enthusiasts visit this river for an exciting activity called river rafting. You can experience both grade II and grade III rapids, providing a thrilling ride on the rushing water.

Kosi River

After exploring Jim Corbett National Park, river rafting becomes a favorite activity for many visitors. The fast-flowing rapids offer an exhilarating experience. Moreover, the river attracts various migratory birds, making it a noteworthy spot for bird watchers to capture vibrant photographs.

About Kosi River at Jim Corbett Park

The Kosi River runs along the eastern side of Jim Corbett National Park. Starting from Mohan, it passes through Dhikuli and ends in Ramnagar, a small town in Nainital. This area is a great tourist spot with lush green forests, wild animals, and an adventurous atmosphere. The Kosi is a tributary of Ramganga, the primary source of drinking water in the region.

The Kosi River starts at a high place called Dharapani Dhar, about 2500 meters above sea level, in the Baramandal area of the Almora district in Uttarakhand. It flows through the green valleys of the hills before reaching the Terai region in Uttar Pradesh. Locally, people call it Kosila. The water from the Kosi River helps plants and farms grow in the Kumaun area, providing important support for the animals and forests in Jim Corbett National Park.

The riverbed of Kosi has many big rocks, which make the water flow sometimes irregularly. In the rainy season, the river becomes an amazing place for tourists, with the water flowing quickly. After the rainy season, the river becomes calm and clear. Visitors can enjoy sitting in the sun by the river, take relaxed walks nearby, and see different birds that come to the valley throughout the year. In short, this place is perfect for a nature-filled vacation.

Activities to do in Kosi River

You can do fishing and river rafting in the Kosi River. In the summer, you can also take a bath in the river, but be careful because it might be risky sometimes.

1. Fishing in Kosi River

The Kosi River is home to many types of fish also found in the Ramganga River. Because there are lots of fish, this is the reason that many birds come here to catch them. After the heavy rains, when the river flows steadily, it’s nice to sit by the river in the sun.

Fishing here is not boring at all. The beautiful nature around makes it interesting. You can sit on the big rocks by the river, enjoy the scenery, and maybe even write some poetry while waiting for your catch.

2. River rafting in Kosi

The Kosi River provides extensive opportunities for adventure enthusiasts, particularly those inclined towards various sports such as river rafting. White water river rafting in the Kosi is exclusively available during the monsoon season when the river surges with significant water volume, creating an ideal environment for this thrilling activity.

The geographical attributes of the river and its surrounding landscape establish it as a prime location for natural white water river rafting. Recognized as one of the premier rafting destinations in the country, Kosi’s white water river rafting sessions typically span 45 minutes. These sessions, encompassing rapids of grades II and III, are operational from July to September annually.

Suitable for both novices and seasoned professionals, rafting on the Kosi is temporarily halted during adverse weather conditions, particularly on days characterized by heavy rainfall during the monsoon.

Location of the river

The Kosi River is on the southeast side of Jim Corbett National Park, flowing from Mohan to Ramnagar, passing through Dhikuli in Uttarakhand, India. Although it doesn’t enter the national park, it goes through important areas in the sanctuary.

The Kosi River is about 170 kilometers long, starting from where it begins to where it ends.

Nearby attractions:

Garjiya Devi Temple (on Kosi River): Imagine a peaceful temple nestled by the Kosi River. The Garjiya Devi Temple is a serene place where you can find calmness and connect with your spiritual side. Surrounded by the beautiful river, this temple is perfect for those who enjoy both peaceful surroundings and cultural experiences.

Ramnagar Barrage (on Kosi River): The Ramnagar Barrage is like a giant structure on the Kosi River. It’s not just a big construction; it helps manage water, and it’s a sight to behold. You can admire how people have cleverly worked with the river’s flow to create something impressive.

Durga Devi Zone (10 KM): Just a short 10-kilometer trip away, the Durga Devi Zone is a fantastic place for nature and wildlife lovers. With its green landscapes and various plants and animals, this zone lets you get close to the beauty of nature in a peaceful and untouched setting.

Dhangarhi Museum (7 KM): Only 7 kilometers away, the Dhangarhi Museum is a great place for those who love history. It’s like a time machine that takes you back in time, showcasing the area’s rich culture and history. Explore the past and discover the fascinating stories of this region.

Ramganga River (10 Km): Picture a beautiful river, the Ramganga River, just 10 kilometers away. With its clear waters and scenic views, it’s a perfect place to enjoy the peacefulness of nature. Take a leisurely walk along the river, and savor quiet moments surrounded by natural beauty.

Optimal Time to Visit

Winter: The best time to visit the Kosi River Valley, Jim Corbett National Park, and the nearby areas is from November to February. During this time, the weather is chilly but pleasant. The river’s water levels are lower in winter, so you can get close to the river and explore different places on foot. Many tourists visit during this season.

Summer: In the summer months, the Kosi River Valley provides a delightful experience. The temperatures are moderate, making it comfortable for travel. The river maintains a steady flow, allowing visitors to dip their feet in shallow areas and enjoy fishing activities.

Monsoon: Starting from June, the monsoon arrives, turning the Kosi River into a dynamic and impressive sight. The river flows forcefully through rocky terrain, sometimes causing small disturbances. From a distance, tourists can see the amazing power of the river. Visiting the riverside lets you hear the strong gurgling sound as the water rushes through the valley at a fast pace. This time is particularly attractive for adventure enthusiasts.

Staying options near Kosi River

Within close proximity to the Kosi River, the village of Dhikuli offers a range of luxurious resorts and riverside accommodations, providing a serene and upscale lodging experience. For those with budget constraints, alternative options are available in Ramnagar, where easily accessible budget hotels can be found to suit varying preferences and financial considerations.

Dining options nearby Kosi river

The dining choices may vary based on the specific location along the Kosi River. However, if you are in Dhikuli or Garjiya village, there are numerous dining options; some of them are as follows.

1. Barbecue Cafe:

Location: Dhikuli village, Ramnagar

This place is known for its tasty grilled dishes like fish, paneer, and chicken. You can get a decent meal for two at around ₹1300. They’re open from noon to 10 pm.

2. The Grill Kebab Treat Restaurant:

Location: Garjya, Jim Corbett National Park

This spot specializes in Indian and Asian foods, especially kebabs. You can enjoy a meal for two at about ₹1050. They’re open from 11 am to 10 pm.

3. Village Vatika Restaurant:

Location: Dhikuli, Ramnagar

This restaurant is a popular choice for snacks after a safari. They offer a variety of appetizers, finger foods, and grilled items. If you’re into vegan options, they’ve got you covered. Open from 8 am to 10:30 pm, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A meal for two ranges from ₹900 to ₹1500.

4. Panorama Restaurant:

Location: Dhikuli, Ramnagar

A favorite among international tourists, Panorama Restaurant is well-known for its delicious Italian, Chinese, and Indian dishes. They even have various steak options. The cost for a meal for two is around ₹1400, and they’re open from noon to 9:30 pm.

How to reach Kosi River Jim Corbett

Address – Kosi river, Jim Corbett National Park, Dhikuli, Ramnagar – 244715, Uttarakhand, India

Latitude – 29.394764 Longitudes – 79.126503

To reach Kosi River, consider the following transportation options:

By Air: The nearest airport is Pantnagar, located approximately 81 kilometers away. Upon arrival at Pantnagar Airport, you can proceed with further transportation to reach your destination.

By Train: If you prefer train travel, the closest railway station is Ramnagar, situated just 3 kilometers away. From the railway station, you can easily continue your journey to the destination.

By Bus: For those opting for bus travel, the nearest bus stand is in Ramnagar, merely 2 kilometers away. You can take a bus or auto rickshaw from Ramnagar to reach your desired location along the Kosi River.

FAQs about Kosi River in Jim Corbett National Park.

The Kosi River flows along the eastern side of Jim Corbett National Park, forming its boundary. It’s renowned for the thrilling adventure of river rafting, offering both grade II and III rapids.

Originating from Dharapani Dhar in Uttarakhand, the Kosi River is a vital tributary of Ramganga. It sustains the rich vegetation and farmland of the Kumaun region, supporting the wildlife and forests of Jim Corbett National Park.

The optimal time to visit is during winter (November to February) when the weather is pleasantly chilly. Summer (moderate temperatures) and monsoon (June onward, witnessing the river in full force) also offer unique experiences.

Visitors can engage in fishing, river rafting (available during the monsoon), and bathing during the summer. However, caution is advised during bathing due to potential risks.

Yes, Dhikuli village near the Kosi River provides luxurious resorts and riverside accommodations. For budget options, Ramnagar offers easily accessible hotels.

Some nearby attractions include Garjiya Devi Temple, Ramnagar Barrage, Durga Devi Zone, Dhangarhi Museum, and Ramganga River, each offering a unique experience.

In Dhikuli and Garjiya village, notable dining options include Barbecue Cafe, The Grill Kebab Treat Restaurant, Village Vatika Restaurant, and Panorama Restaurant, offering a variety of cuisines.

The nearest airport is Pantnagar (81 km), the closest railway station is Ramnagar (3 km), and the nearest bus stand is also in Ramnagar (2 km). From these points, visitors can easily reach the Kosi River location.

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