Haldwani Travel Guide, History, Climate, Facts and More.

Nestled in the Himalayan foothills, Haldwani is a historic trading post that harmoniously combines natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and cultural richness. Renowned as the gateway to the captivating Kumaon region in India, Haldwani transcends being a mere stopover, inviting visitors to indulge in a more extensive exploration of its offerings.


Elevated at 425 meters (1,394 feet) above sea level, Haldwani boasts a temperate climate and panoramic vistas. Situated as the final outpost on the southern plains of the Lower Himalayas, where mountain rivers disappear underground, the town provides a unique perspective on the surrounding landscape.

Wander along the various hiking trails enveloping the town to immerse yourself in the diverse flora and fauna of the area. Notable sites such as Gaula Barrage offer an ideal setting for camping, overlooking the scenic Gaula River, while the wooded expanse of Sanjay Van beckons for picnics and bird-watching. For a serene experience, the nearby Haidakhan Ashram presents opportunities to explore temples and caves.

Established in 1834 as a trading post facilitating travel between the plains and mountainous terrains, Haldwani continues to serve as an excellent base for venturing into the neighboring hill towns, valleys, and lakes. A day trip to Nainital promises encounters with high-altitude fauna at the Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo, a boat excursion on the picturesque Naini Lake cradled by towering mountains, and a cable car ascent to Snow View for breathtaking panoramic views.

The verdant charm of the region is most pronounced between July and September, though planning a visit during one of the city’s vibrant festivals, such as Diwali in late October, Holi in spring, or the kite festival in February, adds cultural richness to the experience. Haldwani, boasting a robust transportation infrastructure, serves as a significant train terminus and is well-connected by bus to Delhi and the border with Nepal, making it easily accessible for discerning travelers seeking a captivating blend of nature, culture, and history.

A Concise Historical Overview of Haldwani

Haldwani, positioned as one of the most populous cities in Uttarakhand, derives its name from the local Kumaoni dialect, referred to as “Halduvani.” This nomenclature is attributed to the abundance of the “Haldu” tree (Haldina Cordifolia) in the region, prior to its deforestation for agricultural and settlement purposes. The burgeoning population of Haldwani has given rise to numerous suburbs such as Malli Bamori, Mangal Parao, Jagdamba Nagar, among others.

Situated to the north of Haldwani, the Chitrashila Ghat, a revered Hindu cremation ground, is located in Ranibagh. Notably, an annual fair named Uttarayani, also known as Ghughutiya in Kumaoni, is held at this site during Makar Sankranti (on 14-15 January) each year.

In the contemporary context, the city’s demographic makeup has evolved to include individuals from various religions who have migrated to and settled in Haldwani alongside the indigenous population, predominantly comprising Kumaonis and Garhwalis.

This diversity is reflected in the city’s architecture, culture, festivals, attire, and culinary traditions. While Hindi remains the predominant language, Urdu, Punjabi, and Kumaoni are also spoken. It is noteworthy that the city exemplifies harmonious coexistence among individuals from diverse religious backgrounds, with various festivals being celebrated throughout the year.

Presently, Haldwani has emerged as a pivotal commercial center, hosting the largest vegetable, fruit, and food grain markets in Kumaon. Alongside Garhwal, it serves as a vital base depot for transporting goods to the hills. The city relies on the Gaula River for irrigation in agriculture and the supply of drinking water.

Geographical and Climatic Characteristics of Haldwani

1. Geography of Haldwani:

The city of Haldwani is positioned at coordinates 29.22°N and 79.520°E, with an average elevation of 424 meters, equivalent to 1,391 feet. It is noteworthy that Haldwani is situated on Bhabhar, a geographical region where mountain rivers undergo submergence and re-emergence, seamlessly transitioning into the Indo-Gangetic Plains. Throughout the years, Haldwani has retained its significance as a prominent trading post and a pivotal connecting hub for Kumaon and the broader Indo-Gangetic Plains.

2. Climate of Haldwani:

Owing to its strategic location, Haldwani experiences a temperate climate, characterized by moderate summer temperatures, with a recorded maximum of 37°C, ensuring pleasant nights. The unique topographical setting, nestled at the foothills of the Kumaon range of the Himalayas, induces a temperature drop to as low as -3°C during winter, which spans from October to February, providing a delightful seasonal change. The monsoon season, extending from July to September, graces Haldwani with its scenic beauty.

Tourism in Haldwani:

Haldwani, strategically situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, is an enticing tourist destination known for its pleasant climate and abundant flora and fauna. The city offers an ideal setting for tourists, featuring captivating hikes, scenic treks, serene trails, picturesque picnic spots, and refreshing sightseeing locales. Notable attractions in and around Haldwani include Chhoti Haldwani, Kaladhungi, Kathgodam, Gaula River Belt, Jim Corbett Village, Bhowali, Lal Kuan, Pant Nagar, and Rudrapur.

Shopping Experience in Haldwani:

Renowned for its diverse shopping opportunities, Haldwani offers a wide array of goods, including clothing, footwear, jewelry, electronics, and sports accessories. Major shopping hubs in the city include The Mall, Bara Bazaar, Durga City Centre, Agarwal Cloth Store, Bombay Dyeing Shoppee, Bata Shoes, Hazara Foot Store, and Kumaon Electronics.

Festivals in Haldwani:

Haldwani epitomizes cultural harmony, with residents from various religious and cultural backgrounds coexisting peacefully. The city celebrates a spectrum of festivals, including Uttarayani, Chaitri Navratra, Baisakhi, Diwali, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, and Holi.

Culinary Delights of Haldwani:

Known for its gastronomic delights, Haldwani boasts a culinary heritage inspired by the Kumaon hills. Popular regional dishes include Papad Ki Sabji, Gaderi Ki Sabji, Churkani, Gathi, Bhatt Ka Jaula, Lasun Ka Lur, Bal Mithai, Kaapa Bhaat, Bhang Ki Chatnee, Peenalu Ki Sabji, and more. Notable dining establishments include Vatika Restaurant, Katgodam, J4 Junction, Botiaparav, and Standard Sweets & Restaurant on Rampur Road.

Transportation to Haldwani:

By Road: Haldwani is accessible from Delhi via Moradabad, Rampur, and Lalkuan, covering a distance of approximately 368 kms. From Nainital, the city is 35 kms away by road.

By Rail: Haldwani is 365 kilometers from Delhi via Ramnagar, Kaladhungi, and Kashipur, with direct rail connections from cities like Delhi, Amritsar, Rampur, Lucknow, and Howrah.

By Air: The closest airport to Haldwani is Pantnagar, situated approximately 35 kms away.

Ramnagar, the Jim Corbett National Park, and Nainital stand out as the closest tourist destinations in proximity to Haldwani.

Quick Facts about Haldwani:

Government: Haldwani operates under the governance of a Municipal Board, working in collaboration with Kathgodam to ensure efficient administration and civic services.

Metropolitan Area: The city encompasses a sprawling metropolitan area, spanning 8.2 square kilometers, providing ample space for diverse activities and urban development.

Elevation: Positioned at a lofty elevation of 424 meters (1,391 ft) above sea level, Haldwani offers stunning panoramic views, set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayan landscape.

Population (2011 Census): A vibrant and dynamic community thrives within Haldwani, as indicated by a population of 156,078 according to the 2011 census, creating a diverse and culturally rich urban environment.

Time Zone: Aligned with Indian Standard Time (IST), the city operates under UTC + 5:30, ensuring synchronization with the broader national timekeeping standard.

Postal Index Number: The unique identifier for Haldwani is 263139, facilitating efficient mail delivery and logistical operations within the city.

STD Code: Contact within Haldwani is streamlined through the use of the STD Code 05946, ensuring effective communication channels for residents and businesses.

Official Languages: Haldwani embraces linguistic diversity, recognizing Hindi, Kumaoni, Punjabi, and English as its official languages, fostering a multilingual and inclusive cultural environment.


In the embrace of the Himalayan foothills, Haldwani stands as a city that seamlessly weaves together administrative efficiency, cultural diversity, and the splendor of nature. Governed by a Municipal Board, the city’s metropolitan expanse of 8.2 square kilometers provides a canvas for a vibrant community, reflecting a harmonious blend of languages and traditions.

Situated at an elevation of 424 meters, Haldwani not only offers breathtaking views but also serves as a hub for tourism, commerce, and cultural celebrations. Festivals like Uttarayani and Holi add color to the city’s tapestry, while markets like The Mall and Durga City Centre beckon shoppers.

Beyond the administrative details encapsulated by its unique Postal Index Number (263139) and STD Code (05946), Haldwani unfolds as a living narrative—a place where history, culture, and commerce converge, inviting exploration and appreciation. Whether you are captivated by its natural beauty, cultural richness, or dynamic urban life, Haldwani invites you to immerse yourself in its unique essence.


Haldwani is governed by a Municipal Board, working in conjunction with Kathgodam to ensure effective administration and civic services.

The city spans a metropolitan area of 8.2 square kilometers, providing ample space for diverse urban activities.

Haldwani is situated at an elevation of 424 meters (1,391 feet) above sea level, offering stunning views against the backdrop of the Himalayas.

As per the 2011 census, Haldwani is home to a population of 156,078, creating a vibrant and dynamic community.

Haldwani operates in the Indian Standard Time (IST) zone, corresponding to UTC + 5:30.

The unique identifier for Haldwani is 263139, facilitating efficient mail delivery and logistical operations within the city.

The STD Code for Haldwani is 05946, streamlining communication channels for residents and businesses.

Haldwani recognizes Hindi, Kumaoni, Garhwali, Punjabi, and English as its official languages, reflecting the city’s linguistic diversity.

 Haldwani offers a range of tourist attractions, including Chhoti Haldwani, Gaula River Belt, The Mall, and Durga City Centre, making it a captivating destination.

Haldwani is accessible by road, rail, and air. The city is approximately 368 kilometers from Delhi by road, has direct rail connections from major cities, and is closest to the Pantnagar airport, situated about 35 kilometers away.

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